Who Is In the Johnson County Jail?

John Zimmerman, 1 October 2013  •  Comments

(Based on Monday, September 30, 2013 and not counting people just there overnight)

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Iowa City’s Strategic Plan: Make Every Young Person a Criminal

Jeff Cox, 2 June 2013  •  Comments

The City of Iowa City no doubt has a “strategic plan.” These documents usually contain a mixture of goals and methods to achieve those goals. Furthermore, they are flexible, which means that they must be updated every few years despite the chorus of groans that can be heard from the naysayers and skeptics who actually have to do the work.

To make sure that everything is up to date in Iowa City, and the strategic plan actually conforms to city policy, the city council should add a goal: “We will insure that every young person in Iowa City has a criminal record.”

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Public Input Session on Jail/Courthouse

7 October 2013

The Board of Supervisors' public input session on jail/courthouse "needs" and "other issues affecting law enforcement, jail population and court services":

Public Forum on Jail Alternatives

23 April 2013

Video recording of the public forum on jail alternatives we held on April 23rd, 2013: