New justice center needs more thought, oversight

Robert S. George, 13 October 2012  •  Comments

I encourage Iowa City Citizens to turn there ballots over and vote NO to the proposal of the bond issue of 46.8 million dollars to build a NEW Justice Building. This does not include staffing, parking, operational cost, etc. No one knows what is planned for the existing facilities nor an alternative solution to our law enforcement problems. Not may citizens even realize that there is a problem if they have not attended the short, hasten forms of educating the public by those officials responsible to the population of Johnson County.

I believe that there should be a study done that will verify a need, a solution, or a complete overhaul of the judicial and law enforcement system in Johnson County. I am very proud of all the dedicated individuals who are faithfully and dutifully doing the jobs they swore under oath to do. Let's look at in all directions - from the top down and from the bottom up. It maybe we need new leadership to guide us in our prospection as the citizentry and the system.

But do not in haste agree to a solution that nobody can agree upon.

Robert S George
Iowa City