Vote 'no'; current jail full of poor people

John Zimmerman, 17 April 2013  •  Comments

The way the authorities have handled the case of the man who beat up a woman he’d agreed to pay for sex is disturbing. (“Two face charges after payment for sex act,” April 11).

The news story reports that she received serious injuries from being choked and beaten. However, the judge set a high bond for both of them. Because the man who beat her up has access to money, he posted bond on both the prostitution and assault charges after spending only a night in jail. The injured woman, however, sat in the county jail with her injuries because she wasn’t able to post bond on the prostitution charge.

This current situation illustrates how the myth that we need to build a bigger jail because the current one is full of hardened criminals is just that: a myth.

What the current jail is full of is poor people — a large number of whom haven’t even been convicted of anything but who are stuck there because judges and prosecutors conspire to keep the accused in jail while their case is pending unless they can come up with large amounts of money.

John Zimmerman